Support page of Private Photo Album

Private Photo Album protects your personal photos and videos by locking them behind a Calculator!!!

In your phone, when you open the application, you will see Private Photo Album as a Calculator. The calculator is fully functional. No one can ever guess there are more behind this calculator.

Only you know. Just type the four digit PIN and press % from the calculator and you can access to your galleries.

Import your personal photos/videos in “Private Photo Album” and take control of your content. Everyone can see what is in your Phone’s photo gallery but no one will know what is in your Private Photo Album.

Why you use “Private Photo Album”
• Camouflaged Calculator Lock screen.
• Phone and tablet support.
• Create albums.
• Customize albums.
• Lock with an extra password.
• Change album name.
• Set cover photo for a specific album.
• Delete entire album.
(Note, if you delete entire album, then photos/videos of this album will be moved Recycle BIN. If you delete those permanently; delete those items form Recycle BIN. )
• Move photos/videos between albums.
• View Photos/Videos in fullscreen mode within the application.
• Share photos/videos from the application.
• Take photos/videos directly in “Private Photo Album” with the integrated camera.
• Import photos/videos from your phone’s public gallery in to “Private Photo Album” and hide them.
• Unhide the items from the album if you want.
• Recover the deleted photos/videos from the “Private Photo Album”s Recycle BIN.
• PIN Time feature, by enabling this, application will stay unlocked for 30 seconds after you leave the app.
Clean and user-friendly interface.
• Your recent apps list will only show a splash screen with a calculator icon.

How to use
• Open “Private Photo Album” and go to import page and select the pictures you want to hide.
• Delete the imported pictures from your Photo app
• Make sure the imported pictures are also deleted from your PhotoStream

Q: How can I enter to the Albums?
A: When you open a calculator page will be shown. Enter the PIN you set earlier and then press %.

Q: What happens when I import photos into “Private Photo Album”?
A: Photos will be copied to this application and this application will ask your permission to delete from the gallery. If you authorize then your imported items will be delete from the public photo gallery and one copy of these items will locked behind the calculator lock.

Q: Can “Private Photo Album” lock videos?
A: Yes, if you place videos into “Private Photo Album”.

Q: How can I retrieve my PIN?
A: Open “Private Photo Album”, then long-press on the calculator buttons to reset your PIN. But remember, you need to configure one email address or secret question+answer from the setting of the app to use this reset PIN feature.

Q: Can I take pictures out of this application?
A: Yes, you can unhide pictures from the app.

Help & Support
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